Divisions & Grades

There are 3 Divisions in AIPSC, these are Open, Standard and Production.

Open - Very few limitations on gun, ammunition Capacity or positioning of items.

Standard - Maximum gun size, ammunittion limit per magazine and restricted placement of holster and magazine pouches

Production - Gun must be totaly unmodified and comply with all standard grade restrictions.

Grade 1 - Open to all participants

Grade 2 - Open to all participants who have completed the UKPSA range safety course or equivalent.

Grade 3 - National Championship

Grade 4 - Continental Championship

Grade 5 - World Championship

Shooting Divisions can heavily restrict your choice of gun, so its best to understand the restrictions before you go shopping. The following restrictions apply to both standard amd production divisions.

Gun Size - Maximum size with hammer cocked but no magazine inseted is 225mm x 150mm x 45mm

Magazine size - Magazine must not extend more than 20mm below the lowest point of the magazine well. Maximum number of shots that may be loaded into a magazine is 18 for standard division and 15 for production division. This is not the maximum number of shots the magazine can carry, just the maximum that you can place within it for a tournament.

No red dot sights, compensators or flash hiders